Wotif Infographics

Holidays and Heat Index

Layout | Typography | Illustration
3 weeks

Wotif, an Australia specific subsidiary brand of Expedia Group, launched an infographic campaign to drive travel package sales. In doing so the campaign focused on December holiday travel and specific places to find find heat and/or reduced rainfall during the winter months. The goal of this campaign was to synthesize the brand aesthetic into digestible infographics, communicating best options for a wide range of preferences in a fun and engaging way.


Consumers tend to travel where they know, word of mouth, or campaigns specifically focusing on certain locations.


Rather than focusing on the usual marketing tactic utilized by Expedia Group brands, mainly focusing on travel deals, this campaign intended to generate interest by informing customers of travel options that suited their desired vacation needs. Through this campaign Wotif could better understand how customers use their site and better tailor future travel deal campaigns by first informing then marketing specific vacation options.


Create fun, engaging, and easily digestible infographics that would educate consumers and drive brand recognition.

*This work contains Expedia Group propriety content and materials. It shall not be used for any purpose other than in consideration of employment or contracting of Tom Bauer.

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