ZZ Top at the Paramount

This ZZ Top poster takes the 1933 Ford Hot Rod from their album Eliminator and depicts it speeding through the desert in a flash. The concept represent their solid 45 year recording career  winding through the Texas Desert.

Do You Know Bruce?

This poster is designed to advertise an exhibit at the Wing Luke museum commemorating Bruce Lee’s life outside film. Wanting to play up imagery of Bruce Lee in his real life, I found a gem of him leaning on his 1972 Mercedes 350 SL. Working with the repetition in the parking lot as well as the building behind, Bruce’s image is broken at several points to evoke imagery of the mirror room scene in Enter the Dragon.

Greed Becomes Her

This poster depicts greed as part of a Seven Deadly Sins poster series. The concept stems from 80s/90s yuppy culture, with inspiration from Patrick Nagel and a scene from Death Becomes Her.

NEW Pie Tins

Pie tins are being sold on Craigslist for okay deals! The people need to know. This poster aims to further the cause.

Other Work