Objective and Key Results

Company-Wide Email Campaign

Illustration | HTML Email Layout | WordPress Design
3 months

Expedia, Inc. (prior to Expedia Group rebrand) implemented a goal-setting and tracking system called OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). This is similar to systems implemented by Amazon, Google, and Adobe, however, for Expedia, Inc. employees it was something completely new in early 2018. This effort consisted of creating an original visual identity, an evergreen WordPress resource site, and weekly HTML email campaigns, sent to and accessed by all 22,000 Expedia, Inc. fulltime employees.


With the OKR system all employees are on the same point of the quarterly cycle at the same time. As a new and unfamiliar system, resources had to be timely and relevant. Without a unifying design aesthetic at the time I had to quickly develop something that would stand-out, but not clash with the pending Expedia Group rebrand.


Distribute relevant information and provide a one-stop shop for employees to understand where they should be regarding OKR goal-setting and how people managers can implement this platform-minded thinking to transform the company.


Development of an immediately recognizable and engaging system that simplifies the radical new process. After the initial 3-month cycle, illustrations, HTML email code, and WordPress site pages were templatized and the campaign has been running effectively and efficiently since June 2018.

*This work contains Expedia Group propriety content and materials. It shall not be used for any purpose other than in consideration of employment or contracting of Tom Bauer.

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