Heath Printers Wrap

Come [Co] Work With Us

Environmental Graphics | Photo Editing
2 weeks


The Heath Printers building formerly house a family-owned print shop. The building is still owned by the Heath family, but now houses Office Nomads and Creative Blueprint, which are colocated work spaces for creative professionals and self-employed.


The current form of Heath Printers doesn’t draw attention or provide any insight into the space within. The only indication that the building is not actually a print shop is a small sandwich board by the front door. With Capitol Hill evolving into a more expensive neighborhood with new building construction everywhere, Heath Printers needs to adapt to be noticed.


With high foot-traffic in the neighborhood and urban professionals walking past Heath Printers everyday, the exterior should serve as an advertisement for itself and provide some insight into it being a colocated workspace.


Utilizing bright colors, interconnected shapes, and a bold call to action, the design for this building wrap gets noticed provides insight into the communal space housed within.

Building Wrap Rendering

Existing Design


Taking the interconnected theme around the building, the wrap continues shapes and lines around three sides of the building. The each side of the building is viewable from a distance from the north side, the vantage point would be for slow moving cars and pedestrians, so a longer statement could be utilized. From the south side, the building is viewable from Pike Street, which has quicker moving cars and limited viewing options, so a larger shorter statement is placed on that side. On the front, the existing logos of Office Nomads and Creative Blueprint are placed on either side of the Heath Printers Marquee.

Site Plan

Other Work