Global Finance

Career Empowerment

Layout | Publication Design | Typography
8 weeks

What began as a simple invitation turned into a full-blown playbook, distributed to over one thousand Expedia Group Finance employees worldwide. Partnering with the Global Finance Learning and Engagement team over a period of two months, we worked in tandem developing original content and an overarching design system to effectively communicate and excite Global Finance employees to take charge of their careers.


Expedia Group is an assembly of many disparate brands without much unity regarding systems or career advancement opportunities, especially within Global Finance. As a result the company finds its financial employees siloed and suffers high attrition in lieu of promoting capable people already on payroll.


Develop a way to encompasses resources specific to Expedia Group and layout how individuals can advance as well as enable leaders to encourage growth within their teams.


Create a playbook and accompanying materials, including a presentation introducing the playbook, workbook materials to document growth over a period of time, and swag to get individuals involved, excited, and engaged in their own growth opportunities.

*This work contains Expedia Group propriety content and materials. It shall not be used for any purpose other than in consideration of employment or contracting of Tom Bauer.

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