Destination Images

119 Routes and Counting

Image Curation | Photo Editing | Research
6 Weeks

Alaska Airlines flies to 119 destinations throughout the United States and other countries within North and Central America. Part of a marketing initiative to drive sales for these destinations required that each have its own unique imagery, initially for deals and more broadly within other digital channels.


Each destination has a unique character and Alaska Airlines has specific marketing guidelines around acceptable imagery. All photography had to focus on a single element and include a certain amount of blue space that would enable marketing and social media campaigns to change the image size and include copy as needed.


Develop a library of images that would serve all channels of Alaska Airlines’ marketing efforts for each destination they fly to.


Research each destination with special attention to architectural landmarks, geographic features, native species, hobbies, industry, and history to find unique imagery that piques curiosity and entices travelers to embark on new frontiers.

*This work contains Alaska Airlines propriety content and materials. It shall not be used for any purpose other than in consideration of employment or contracting of Tom Bauer.

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