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3 weeks

Expedia, Inc. went through a massive rebrand in March of 2018, transforming the company into Expedia Group and bringing all employees together under one unified identity for the first time. Rebranding all of the BRGs (business resource groups) was the first test case to see how the new guidelines would function with an internal audience.


The NEO (New Employee Orientation) Mixer presented itself as an opportunity to introduce newly minted Expedians to the company’s softer side, while communicating a consistent design aesthetic. Although many of the BRGs had been in existence for years, all old assets and logos had to be retired to make way for the new. With a short 3 week turnaround, disparate stakeholders within each group, and brand guidelines dictating the aesthetic this was an ambitious project with a very high level of exposure.


To unify logos and signage for all Expedia Group BRGs in a way that advertises each cause in a clear and concise way.


Develop logo lockups paired with icon marks to effectively communicate the mission of each group, allowing each BRG to concentrate on the good work they do without over-complicating messaging or polluting their purpose.


Neo Mixer
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